So whats been happening..
• July 02, 2014 • No Comments

Keeping a blog is very difficult to update sometimes. So much planning goes into my shoots that I spend time planning shoots, shooting then post processing and then the circle begins again. Neglecting my blog isnt deliberate, its just time and being productive pre and post shoot makes the shoot far more creative and exciting…

Canon Powershot G15 Review
• January 19, 2014 • No Comments

Last week, I bought myself a ‘Point and Shoot’ to carry with me, so I can be creative whenever I like and ‘snap’. I often get asked, when I buy camera equipment or software, what things are like, so hence I thought I would write this review. A friend has the Canon Powershot G15 so…

New Year – First New Shoot
• January 12, 2014 • No Comments

Happy New year to you all! Resolution Number 1 is to make sure there are more blog updates this year. Including shoot updates, whats happening in my photography plus I often get asked how to do things in photography and post so im going to be posting tips on these monthly too! So yesterday was…