Sophia West Shoot
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Early Summer I got let down by a model, yes this happens so I asked Bekka Batchelor if she had anyone from her agency as it was very short notice. She gave me a few girls who were available, i had no hesitation in choosing Sophia West. Sophia is simply a fantastic model. So easy…

BMA Males Shoot
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Recently I had the opportunity to work with BMA Models shooting some guys.  Love working with BMA, great communication and always happy to help and professional. I always look to work with models and its nice to work with male models , varies my portfolio too. The models i worked with were all exceptional to…

Scarlett Howard Shoot
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Was a joy as always to work with Scarlett Howard a few months back. We decided to go for more lifestyle and commercial shots this time.  All shot using natural light, just the warm glow from from the light and the white balance made some very cosy lifestyle shots. Credit to Faye Marriott for the…

Jakki Degg Shoot
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A New Year starts and the Previous year ended with me working with a lady I have long admired from afar. If you have read a lads mag , especially in their hey day, the name Jakki Degg is one you will instantly know. Graced several magazines and covers, Jakki is a bit of a…

Katie Green Location Shoot
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Not a lot of people know this..but all those years ago, well it seems a long time ago, although it cant because Katie is youthful and beautiful as ever, the first model I ever shot with was her! Since then we have shot a few times. I often joke as Katie is often seen all…

Pics so far of 2015…Colleen
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So to make up for the lost posts, heres some pics of what i have shot in the first month of 2015 and last of