RTH London Brand Look Book Shoot

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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of shooting the new range of merchandise for RTH London. First time I have shot a look book and a great experience it was.
Worked with a male model and a female model, swapping over as we shot each garment. The male model was an australian model called Chris Perceval. Chris is a great laugh to shoot with and has a really edgy look so I can see why RTH wanted him for this brand shoot. The female model Was Jemma Lucy. Worked with Jemma lots of times, total fun to shoot with, and again edgy look which really suits the brand.
The idea was straight, non smiley but edgy shots.

Heres a couple of shots from the shoot



Me shooting Jemma

An out take from the shoot too of the models:

BTSRTH shoot

A really good day, got lots shot and and first of many I hope!

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