Kayt Webster Brown Shoot
• August 05, 2015 • No Comments

Every so often I want to try something radically different to my style. I put together a concept, with black and white images and no-one fitted it more perfectly than Kayt! Kayt is not successful for no reason. Shes a true professional, almost an actress as she can switch any look on like a light…

Ashley Emma Location shoot
• August 05, 2015 • No Comments

Last month I got the opportunity to shoot with Ashley Emma. Ashley is a model who I have long waited to shoot.  She mainly does tv work these days so getting our calendars to match was interesting but we got there. She turned up at the shoot as fresh as a daisy and was a…

Social Links-Social Media
• July 23, 2015 • No Comments

So finally I have setup a facebook page! Heres the link: I use twitter and instagram far more but I will now also do the same

Ms Glover by the pool..
• July 23, 2015 • No Comments

So the stage is set, beautiful location just needs a beautiful model and true professional..They dont come much better than Emma Glover! Healthy looking and a figure to match! We had the sunshine too, what a lovely shoot and so much fun.  Huge thanks to Emma and Faye Marriott as always! Heres some pics, more…

Katie Green Location Shoot
• July 13, 2015 • No Comments

Not a lot of people know this..but all those years ago, well it seems a long time ago, although it cant because Katie is youthful and beautiful as ever, the first model I ever shot with was her! Since then we have shot a few times. I often joke as Katie is often seen all…

Kat Dee Fitness Shoot
• July 02, 2015 • No Comments

Known Kat for a while now. We shot together in her glamour days. Kat has left glamour behind now and concentrating on other work including fitness. We found a really nice gym location with boxing ring. Was a great fun shoot and it was a hot day. Shot using a orbis ringflash. Was a really…

Riana Horner ‘Back in the UK’ shoot
• June 23, 2015 • No Comments

It was Autumn 2012 I last saw Riana Horner. Riana now lives in Australia and planned a visit to see her family so i took the opportunity to get to work with her again like a shot when she visited. She still looks as young as ever but has a strong head and is an…

Symara Templeman Shoot
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When you admire a model and their work and you get the opportunity to shoot with them, its a dream come true. Long admired Symara

Charlotte McKenna Location Shoot
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Recently I had the good fortune to work again with Charlotte McKenna, this time on location. I now have use of a beautiful location which

Emma Glover Shoot
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For those that follow me on twitter, im sure its no secret that I am a huge fan of Emma Glover. I have wanted to