Rosie Fawehimi Shoot

Recently I had the pleasure of shooting Ms Smile as I call her, Rosie Fawehimi! Constantly smiling, so positive too. 

Lilly Roma Shoot

Last month I got to work with Lilly Roma. Having worked with Lilly before, I knew exactly what I was

Giorgia Rosella Shoot

So ...finally I get to shoot with Giorgia Rosella!  This is a lady who has been on my radar for

Daisy Watts Shoot

Having worked with Daisy before, once you work with someone this good, you often want to work with them again.

Scarlet Bouvier Shoot

Scarlet is a model I long wanted to shoot. Her pictures speak for themselves and I am a big admirer

Hayley Clough Shoot

So a few weeks ago I got to work with fitness model Hayley Clough.  Hayley was such a blast to

Kayla Cadorna Shoot

In July I had the privilege of working with Kayla. We often spoke about shooting. kayla is with the Fuel

Kayt Webster Brown Shoot

Every so often I want to try something radically different to my style. I put together a concept, with black

Ashley Emma Location shoot

Last month I got the opportunity to shoot with Ashley Emma. Ashley is a model who I have long waited