Terri Altilar Shoot
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Nice to recently shoot with Terri Altilar. True professional, love her ink and got some truly cool images, heres a taster, more on my website soon:  

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Recently I worked with Bexie Williams. Now when you combine a truly amazing location with an amazing model, you already know you will get good results. Bexie is a fantastic model, knows so many poses, knows how to work her figure to get great shots and has a huge selection of outfits. To say I…

Ryan Davies Shoot
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Now I love working with guys, especially those that have that look . Shot some really contrast shots with Ryan. Inside the studio, outside the studio and then in a warehouse area with lots of natural light and shadows. Ryan is a true pro and a real decent guy. Heres a few tasters, more on…

Charlayne Shoot
• March 19, 2016 • No Comments

A couple of weeks ago I got to work with Charlayne Hart.  The idea was to shoot some fitness shots mostly with the a few other ideas mixed in. If you ever chatted to Charlayne, you will know what a total blast she is!  A beautiful bubbly blonde with such a great personality, the shoot…

Sian Blencowe Shoot
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Recently I worked with Sian Blencowe. Sian is a breath of fresh air to work with. An amazingly versatile model, great at commercial and then on turn of a switch can look amazing too in lingerie and Fitness. I always enjoy working with her becauses she gives so much to the shoot and I feel…

Lensbaby – Carla Monaco and Me, testing it in the Studio
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So what is a lensbaby? In a nutshell: Its a lens you can buy to achieve different focus effects.   This particular lensbaby I bought has a fixed aperture of 5.6 and 50mm fixed focal length. If you are shooting subjects far away you squeeze the lens in more, less if closer. I Bought it from…

Symara Templeman Shoot
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Recently I shot with Symara Templeman. When I say recently I mean last year. So January came and I had a concept in mind and

Shoot with Hannah Elizabeth
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Before christmas i got to shoot with Hannah Elizabeth again. If you have ever met Hannah you will know she is such a laugh and

Jakki Degg Shoot
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A New Year starts and the Previous year ended with me working with a lady I have long admired from afar. If you have read a lads mag , especially in their hey day, the name Jakki Degg is one you will instantly know. Graced several magazines and covers, Jakki is a bit of a…

Agata Shoot
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A few years ago I worked with Agata and a few before that. Agata is very young still I might add!  Love shooting with her and we always make great images. Shot some lovely commercial, lingerie shots and what Agata is exceptional at, posing for fantastic headshots. What a way to end the year! Heres…