New Year – First New Shoot

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Happy New year to you all! Resolution Number 1 is to make sure there are more blog updates this year. Including shoot updates, whats happening in my photography plus I often get asked how to do things in photography and post so im going to be posting tips on these monthly too!

So yesterday was my first shoot of 2014. Flew over the amazing Sister Sinister from Sweden to shoot. Much anticipated shoot, we booked last year so I have been chomping at the bit for this day to come I can tell you!
First stop, pick the lady up from station.  Next was mandatory coffee to warm her up and chat about shots etc I wanted to capture on the day.


So off we went to the studio and the magic began!  It was a really fantastic day. Cant speak highly enough of her to be honest. So much fun to shoot with, excellent communication, really adds so much to the shoot, quite frankly shes a dream to shoot, so professional and she hasnt got over 120k likes on her facebook page for nothing!

Her page is

Susanna does her makeup to a very high level, so we didnt need a stylist as theres nothing major that she cant do. Shes very talented with hair and makeup.


In the morning, we worked through various lingerie styles, styled by Adrian Pini. Some really lovely lingerie and experimented with lighting and used the beauty dish for a change.


The afternoon we spent lots of time on a creative style which we shot all in black and white in camera (monochrome),  so we can get an idea of what it would look like. In post I will change back to colour and then post work in specialist black and white software.

Photography tip: If you are shooting in raw, you can change any camera setting back uch as white balance and picture style etc in post eg shoot in monochrome but change back in post to normal.

Needless to say the shoot went amazingly well and was a real fun day! Already looking forward to the next one.

Heres one of the finished images.

_MG_93471BW1More to come over the weeks ahead including the lingerie images! keep an eye on my social media and website for more.


Photography Tips and tricks coming soon too!

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