New Prime Lense – Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM

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Yesterday I had the good fortune of shooting outside in the sunshine. Upgraded my 50mm Prime from the nice plastic £90 one to the slighlty more expensive 50mm 1.4. Now dont me wrong, the cheap 50mm prime is an excellent lense for the money in fact if you want something for low depth of field its a great kit lense to have. I didnt think in all honesty I would use a prime as i thought, i would be to lazy not to zoom in but when you shoot on location more and you are faced with challenges of little light especially through the winter months you realise its a nice lense to have.

Its an excellent sharp lense and a lense I will use in the months ahead especially on location. The thing with prime lenses is, if youre, like me, you dont like flash, with the exception of studio flash, prime lenses are ideal.

Conclusion: All in all the Canon 1.4 50mm prime is an excellent lense, i shot this shot below on 2.8 as it was a sunny day and wanted not too much drop off but the results are very sharp and well worth buying for a mid range prime.

Heres a result from yesterday, granted slighlty edited and I mean very slightly.



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