Kayla Cadorna Shoot

• August 27, 2015 • No Comments

In July I had the privilege of working with Kayla. We often spoke about shooting. kayla is with the Fuel Girls so its very hard to pin her down to a date, shes a busy lady and you can see why!

Lovely bubly girl to shoot, full of energy and they say, in her words, all good things come in small packages! How true this was.  Cant wait to shoot with her again already!


_MG_20081BW2 _MG_20422 _MG_20672 _MG_20762 _MG_21032 _MG_21172 _MG_21652 _MG_22932 _MG_23142



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I'm Dominic Dean and I shoot in my spare time, part-time. I'm male and shoot a variation of styles with creatives and I have had several images Published. I'm based in London & Kent

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