Giorgia Rosella Shoot

• October 04, 2015 • No Comments

So …finally I get to shoot with Giorgia Rosella!  This is a lady who has been on my radar for ages!  Giorgia has a unique look and Im a firm believer that modelling is a bit like acting, you switch on an act when you model.  Im sure a lot of models would agree, you are playing a part to fill a set in each shoot. You can smile, be moody etc etc

Giorgia in my eyes is absolutely perfect for this. She was totally bubbly, never stopped smiling and such a good laugh yet when she models she can look moody and really can turn a mood on a sixpence. I was absolutely blown away by how amazing she was and loved every minute of the shoot. Giorgia you totally rock!  Heres a few pics, more on my website very soon.


_MG_41862 _MG_41942 _MG_42322 _MG_42602 _MG_42972 _MG_43322 _MG_43642 _MG_43992



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