Charlayne Shoot
• March 19, 2016 • No Comments

A couple of weeks ago I got to work with Charlayne Hart.  The idea was to shoot some fitness shots mostly with the a few other ideas mixed in. If you ever chatted to Charlayne, you will know what a total blast she is!  A beautiful bubbly blonde with such a great personality, the shoot…

Lensbaby – Carla Monaco and Me, testing it in the Studio
• February 16, 2016 • No Comments

So what is a lensbaby? In a nutshell: Its a lens you can buy to achieve different focus effects.   This particular lensbaby I bought has a fixed aperture of 5.6 and 50mm fixed focal length. If you are shooting subjects far away you squeeze the lens in more, less if closer. I Bought it from…

Symara Templeman Shoot
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Recently I shot with Symara Templeman. When I say recently I mean last year. So January came and I had a concept in mind and

Shoot with Hannah Elizabeth
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Before christmas i got to shoot with Hannah Elizabeth again. If you have ever met Hannah you will know she is such a laugh and

Rosie Fawehimi Shoot
• October 25, 2015 • No Comments

Recently I had the pleasure of shooting Ms Smile as I call her, Rosie Fawehimi! Constantly smiling, so positive too.  We shot some autumn/winter shots for our portfolios. Was a great shoot with Rosie, fab work by Faye Marriott, and styling on most by Adrian Pini. Heres some of the shots, rest are on my…

Lilly Roma Shoot
• October 23, 2015 • No Comments

Last month I got to work with Lilly Roma. Having worked with Lilly before, I knew exactly what I was getting. A beautiful, fun down to earth lady who between me and her, we produce some fab images! This shoot was no different and in my opinion these are our best images yet. It wont…

Hayley Clough Shoot
• September 12, 2015 • No Comments

So a few weeks ago I got to work with fitness model Hayley Clough.  Hayley was such a blast to shoot with. We agreed some ideas up front and the shoot went swimmingly! Great model, great fun, fantastic face and figure!  Heres a few of the pics, check out my site for updates soon too:…

Kayla Cadorna Shoot
• August 27, 2015 • No Comments

In July I had the privilege of working with Kayla. We often spoke about shooting. kayla is with the Fuel Girls so its very hard to pin her down to a date, shes a busy lady and you can see why! Lovely bubly girl to shoot, full of energy and they say, in her words,…

Kayt Webster Brown Shoot
• August 05, 2015 • No Comments

Every so often I want to try something radically different to my style. I put together a concept, with black and white images and no-one fitted it more perfectly than Kayt! Kayt is not successful for no reason. Shes a true professional, almost an actress as she can switch any look on like a light…

Riana Horner ‘Back in the UK’ shoot
• June 23, 2015 • No Comments

It was Autumn 2012 I last saw Riana Horner. Riana now lives in Australia and planned a visit to see her family so i took the opportunity to get to work with her again like a shot when she visited. She still looks as young as ever but has a strong head and is an…