Canon Powershot G15 Review

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Last week, I bought myself a ‘Point and Shoot’ to carry with me, so I can be creative whenever I like and ‘snap’.

I often get asked, when I buy camera equipment or software, what things are like, so hence I thought I would write this review.

A friend has the Canon Powershot G15 so after hearing good things, I decided to go for it and buy myself one, so I can carry it around.


First thing to note is its far more than a point and shoot.  Its inbetween a compact and digital SLR. It has pretty much all the functions a Digital SLR except the lense isnt detachable but very good quality and a magnesium build.

Basic Spec:

Aperture F1.8 to F8
ISO to 12800
RAW and Jpegs 12MP
Set White Balance
1920 x10808 HD

Takes SD card
Extras: Fisheye function which I have yet to Try plus it has ND filter function.

Lithium Battery which is always good, not a fan of rechargeable batteries , especially for cameras as they run down so quickly.

Heres a few pics from the camera, these images are straight from the camera, shot in jpeg, not RAW and untouched eg no photoshop:

 IMG_0028 IMG_0036



A Raw Pic too, slightly edited. Good use of Colour


And Finally 2 shots to give you an example of depth of field and how it handles it. First shot at f2.2 , second is shot at f8


One thing to note is that the G15 is now replaced by the G16. Always worth buying the established model unless the new version contains something else you may want. Like most new pieces, it will contain a few bits that may need reviewing of course.

Overall verdict: pretty good camera, to be fair. More than a point and shoot, good quality build, fits in coat pocket and creative as you want to be with it. A good buy and sits nicely in between a compact camera and digital Slr. Overall 9/10.

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